About the Disklavier

A Disklavier is a premier piano made by Yamaha that streams data across the Internet, enabling distance performances and distance education by displaying the keystrokes and pedal technique of the performing musician in real time on other Diskaviers around the world. The same technology also allows musicians to record their performances and to replay/reproduce them at a later time. The technology does not interefere with or affect the normal playing of the instrument, allowing for rich, robust musical performances that can be shared beyond the concert hall in which they are performed.

In this competition, contestants will play a Disklavier in the Davis Concert Hall. That data will stream to other connected Disklaviers around the world, which can reproduce the performances in real time or at a later time, for viewers in concert halls and living rooms alike to enjoy. Finally, a crew from Yamaha will coordinate a webcast of the performance with the data stream, so that audiences may watch the performance remotely, with or without a connected Disklavier.