How Does It Work

e-Competition and Yamaha

The technology exists that allows for transmission of piano sound directly to the Internet and from one piano to another. This technology is incorporated into the amazing Yamaha Disklavier, the only piano of this kind in existence. With more than 100 years of manufacturing expertise, Yamaha pianos have earned a global reputation as instruments of exceptional quality, touch and tone. Renowned for their eloquent and expressive range, and reliable performance, Yamaha concert grand pianos play an important role in the performing arts community.

During the Piano-e-Competition, participants will have the opportunity to perform on Yamaha CFX concert grand pianos. What is unique about these instruments is that they are equipped with state-of-the-art Disklavier Pro recording technology. This system, which was pioneered by Yamaha, is the fusion of the acoustic piano and computer electronics and allows all solo rounds of the competition to be downloaded via MIDI to be enjoyed anywhere in the world. The concerti with the orchestra and the gala concert of the competition will be broadcast “live” via streaming audio/video over the Internet.

To earn acceptance by the world’s leading professionals, a piano must be far more than simply adequate; it must be a truly superlative instrument. Yamaha grand pianos are consistently played and praised by many of the greatest concert artists of our time. The Piano-e-Competition is pleased to announce that Yamaha Corporation of America is the official provider of Disklavier concert grand pianos for the competition.